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No Surrender Anton states: "'Die By The Blade' is one of the Berserk manga related songs on the album and apart from its very straightforward song title, the lyrics deal with a deeper issue than it might seem at first glance.


Happy New Year! All headline tours are always big risks, especially the very first one. Although the ticket pre-sales are surprisingly great so far and some venues are SOLD OUT already, we have to entertain the audience for longer than ever and make them feel hungry for more after the end of the shows.

Thanks for your support Guys, meet soon, have fun! Atte, Kasperi, Mate, Anton, Yannis. With heavy heart we realize that this unforgettable tour with Nightwish is ending this weekend. Check out our new tour trailer and pick your gig! As we promised, we announce more shows of "From Hell With Love" tour spring! We plan to hunt across Finland and show you the real Beast in every corner! We hope you'll love it as much as the previous one! Ladies and Gentlemen! Let us reveal the 2nd Beast In Black album cover artwork! New dates added to our 1st European headline tour and now the first part of it is completed!

Brand new official band photo has been released today! Can't tell you how excited we are to announce the 1st European headline tour in the band's history! This tour will be the live presentation of the 2nd Beast In Black album! The ceremony takes place on Friday, September 14 in Berlin. This summer was hot, indeed!

This was our very first real festival season and with 18 shows in total plus your love we felt so strong every night; and it was just perfect! Atte Palokangas signed endorsement deal with Centent cymbals! Atte commented: "So, as some of you might have already noticed that I've changed my cymbals to Centent cymbals.

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A little bit more than 2 years I was playing with Impression cymbals but when I had a possibility to try out these Centent cymbals, it was love at the first hit! Still, I have only the good things to say about Impression and I was really pleased to work with them for more than two years.

Want to Race for Free?

But now it's time for new adventures with Centent cymbals. Can't wait tomorrow to have the first live action with these beauties! After the amazing tour with Rhapsody we proudly announce that we will support Nightwish on their European tour during the autumn! Thanks to all of you, you made our first headline shows unforgetable! Hope you enjoyed the shows as much as we did! We promise you we won't stop but work harder to make you happy with our music and live performance!

Take it as a New Year resolution! Atte Palokangas joins Beast In Black family on drums! Check his video from the audition and read Atte's and Sami's ex-drummer statement about the change! Sami stated: "Ladies and gentlemen, I regret to inform you that I will no longer be able to fulfill my duty as the drummer of Beast In Black.

Due to new circumstances in my life, I'm not able to take part in the upcoming shows nor tours and I feel the band, especially in its early stages, requires a drummer who will be able to give his absolute hundred percent for the band. In addition to that, as some of you may know, I've had some issues with my left hand, making drumming sometimes extremely difficult and painful.

It has something to do with the nerve system, resulting in my left hand going all numb and powerless - much like the tennis elbow. This would constantly make it hard for me to rehearse and eventually slow the band down. Let me continue by saying there was and will not be any bad blood between me and the rest of the band.

BEAST - '이젠 아니야 (No More)' (Official Music Video)

I love all the guys in the band and wish them all the best with their future endeavors. Without further ado, please give a warm welcome for Mr. Atte Palokangas, the new drummer of BIB. I can't wait for the future adventures with the guys! Well, can we expect better for next year? YES, of course!!!! As long as you are with us, we are stronger and stronger year by year. So thanks for your support Guys, meet soon, have fun!

The Beast Project | Beast - Music Synthesizer and Composer

Beast In Black in Japan for the first time! One of our biggest dreams will come true in May when we're gonna have 3 shows in Japan! Since Christmas is drawing near the idea came up to present you a nice Christmas song for this occasion. We proudly announce you our very first ever headline shows! Both will happen in Finland on the same weekend. They are the pioneers of the symphonic power metal and influenced a whole generation. Seems to be a great adventure to support them in next spring!

We prepared with a brand new lyric video to celebrate this occasion and make it memorable. The tour is over for Beast In Black! We did not get the treatment that we were guaranteed, so we are really sorry but we are not able to continue the W. Our tour starts soon with W. The main picture in this video is by Anato Finnstark at Finnstark Illustration.

In this short trailer Anton Kabanen and Kasperi Heikkinen talks about how Beast In Black was formed, what is behind the name and about some actual happenings around the band. But, magnification without extreme resolving power, razor-sharp clarity and superb contrast— even in dismal light—is of no value. Military snipers are now called upon to positively identify targets and distinguish threats at distances measured in hundreds of meters. The slightest nuance in appearance can, for example, separate a legitimate IED threat from an innocent non-combatant.

Brampton Beast

The optical prescription and glass used in the B. They succeeded. True-to-eye light transmission exceeds 90 percent, with resolution and image clarity at unprecedented levels. The heart of the B.

What’s Happening

Initial adjustments with the primary elevation knob are lightning fast, in. An integral fine adjustment lever provides additional elevation adjustments in. It is the fastest, most precise elevation control ever conceived on a riflescope. A new degree brake control allows instant securing of elevation adjustments. Perhaps the shooter suddenly anticipates engaging a number of targets at a substantially longer range, for example, meters. Dial in the necessary elevation, activate the degree brake control by pressing the control on top of the elevation knob, rotate the control 90 degrees counter-clockwise, and an instant, secure setting is established at meters.

Another press of the brake control and a degree clockwise turn of the control disengages the brake setting. The B. The shooter chooses the appropriate illumination setting for lighting conditions, from very dim to extremely bright, and can then turn off illumination to preserve battery power. Enemies intent upon doing harm are not in the habit of operating in broad daylight. Thus, from day one, we knew that the B. And it does. At first or last light, the B. At just Our military requested one riflescope equally adept in every conceivable environment, and the B.

The TReMoR3 reticle is all about faster shooting. The Accuracy 1st - Speed Shooting Formula is built right into the elevation hold of the reticle making even faster shooting possible. It's field-proven to make wind calls easier.

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The reticle also allows one to accurately mil targets very quickly. Illuminated version. The Mil-R TM reticle allows precise ranging and accurate hold offs for effective first-shot placement and quick follow-up shots. This reticle features a floating center crosshair which is 1.