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CRAT1 Currently enrolled as a student or a graduate of a cardiovascular or allied health training program.

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CRAT3 Completed requirements for a graduate or undergraduate degree from a recognized institution in a field related to science or physical health. CRAT4 Volunteer service in the field of Cardiovascular Technology for a minimum of two 2 years and documentation supporting full-time technical activities for a two 2 year period. One option to help mitigate this tax liability is for the farmer to use a charitable remainder annuity trust CRAT.


The CRAT can be created by any type of entity including a regular corporation. We typically see a farmer purchase an annuity from an insurance company to provide the annuity. Remember, the CRAT locks in an annuity payment to the farmer based on the applicable IRS interest rate in effect at the time of the gift. The farmer can not get a greater or lessor annuity payment based on investment gains or losses.

In addition, there will be money being transferred to the charity at the end of the term. Many farmers are charitably minded and this is a way of getting additional funds to charity.

Irrevocable Charitable Trusts (CRATs/CRUTs/CLATs/CLUTs)

A CRAT is an effective method of reducing tax at retirement. If you are interested in this method, make sure to review this with a tax advisor that is familiar with CRATs. Veena Indian.

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Cardiovascular Credentialing International (CCI) - Certified Rhythm Analysis Technician (CRAT)

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