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I am also an SAQ advanced trainer which I have become qualified in to support my cricket coaching.

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My view is that if the book is purchased without gaining the basic qualification then it would not be totally relevant although useful, as that is exactly what I did. I would be interested to know what you consider a complete system to cricket fitness as SAQ if adapted goes a long way!

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It can also be made very cricket specific or adapted to a lot of other sports covery many areas. Therefore it is not purely a conditioning programme. Unfortunately from my perspective it has not taken off in Cricket as it has in Rugby where it is widely used there is lots strengh and power involved in that so they must see something in it!

Great to hear from you Matt. I agree that SAQ is an excellent tool and a quantum leap for cricket fitness in general. My critique was that the book does not stand alone as a complete system. You need to have an understanding of fitness planning and progression and the book on it's own fails to address this. It does indeed cover vital aspects of the game, but not as a coherent whole plan. In the right hands SAQ is superb, for the average club player it could be more confusing that clarifying.

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Is SAQ the secret of cricket fitness? Cricket coaching, fitness and tips. Filed in:.

What worries me is how to book presents the information. Discover bookshops local to you.

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On Offer Wham! New Popular Science! Season 1 The Haunting of Hill House All ten episodes from the first season of the supernatural horror. Description Cricket is a physically and mentally demanding sport - requiring multi-directional speed, coordination and agility, not to mention excellent fitness levels.

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