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He exposes them. Whether it was the Pharisees, who posed as righteous men of God or large crowds, who posed as committed followers, Jesus constantly exposed counterfeits.

So, what are qualities of a counterfeit Christian? This question is important. Much like fake money, fake Christians have no value. They flaunt a self-righteous attitude or selfless behavior. But, if you exposed their heart, you would find something different. Most importantly, as Jesus says in Matthew , eventually counterfeit Christians will be exposed.

They have either been handed a counterfeit Jesus or drifted away from the radical life Jesus calls his followers to imitate.

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With that said, I think every Christian can use this post to work on their heart. Under no circumstances did you miss worship on Sunday or class on Wednesday. Intentionally or not, I was led to believe my presence at a building was more important than my actions towards other people. So most weeks I would walk into my church building, worship God, interact in class discussion, then go home.

In the meantime, I disrespected teachers at school, gossipped about friends and classmates, and used women for my selfish desires.

See a Problem?

The two greatest commands, love God and love your neighbor, are relational. Jesus even says the entire law is summed up by these two commands. For much of my life, I placed more trust in the Bible than in Jesus for eternal life. It was more important that I knew the five steps to salvation than the source of salvation.

I could sing the 66 books of the Bible. I knew the VBS stories. Oh, you can recite the books of the Bible using an annoying song? You memorized the book of James? They memorized Scripture, thinking their knowledge made them righteousness. Instead, their knowledge inflated their egos and blinded them from the Savior.

The whole point of the Bible is Jesus.

The Counterfeit Always Comes Before The Promise…….Know the Difference!

Go ahead, have your morning meditations. Memorize Scripture. Good for you. Are you confident in your salvation because you know Scripture or because you know the one Scripture points to? Remember, the first-century Christians, especially Gentile Christians, had no Bible. They had no background about Jesus. They just heard a message of redemption, believed that message, and lived in community with others who accepted it. Few questions upset and sadden me more than this one. Getting a buzz. Watching a movie glorifying sex and worldliness. As a church leader, I am asked these questions quite often.

I know because I used to ask those questions.

Why would you flirt with sin when you can fall in love with God? Why would you see how close you can get to sin rather than how close you can get to God? How crazy does that sound? Maybe that line is murder, rape, or your best friend sleeping with your spouse. If God can forgive men for mocking him, you can forgive anyone for the pain they caused you.

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Is this easy? This church was baptizing former alcoholics and drug addicts. God was really working. But not according to this church leader. His response? Jesus, however, would have a thing or two to say about this. Repeatedly, Jesus associated with tax collectors, talked to prostitutes, and touched sick people. In Jewish culture, touching sick people made you ceremonially unclean. That was bad. Why is this? Jesus was more concerned with healing people, both physically and spiritually, than maintaining a solid reputation with church folks.

Call me crazy, but I think if Jesus were here today, he would spend more time in bars with homeless and drunks than in church buildings. This whole point centers around your understanding of holiness. One Vogue writer wondered in March what celebrities like Rihanna and Emily Ratajkowski keep in their fashionable micro purses, guessing a handful of thimbles or tiny food for dolls.

I store a miniature working cell phone.

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One day I thought I left Baby on the subway. In reality, it was tucked in the front pocket of my jeans, only slightly more detectable than a quarter. In that moment, I realized how attached I felt to Baby, at least in an easy, amused way. It was funny to have it around. Perhaps the most striking thing about Baby is the reaction it elicits in other people. But when I bring out Baby, they are delighted. What smartphone can do that?

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