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A staggering 30, portions of garlic bread are consumed at the festival; other culinary favourites include Calamari, mushrooms and less pleasant recipes like garlic ice-cream. In , Dr Malone invited garlic growers, shippers, processors and food editors to a Rotary Club luncheon, to demonstrate how important the garlic industry was to the Gilroy community.

The luncheon was a huge success, and the following year the first garlic festival took place. Parents Guide.

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Our Favorite Trailers of the Week. So we cancelled the show and were headed to drinks but everyone had bailed and went home. Finally we just decided to grab some dinner at a highly recommended seafood place in North Beach.

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We grabbed an Uber and were on our way! Our driver was terrible and pretty much seemed like he was being forced to drive us somewhere against his will. We arrive at the street that the seafood place is on and our driver drops us off across the street from it. So to get to the seafood place we would have to walk a block downhill, then a block back up hill in the busiest part of the night. At this point we were just frustrated with everything and turned around to see the Stinking Rose restaurant. We had heard great things about it and had always wanted to try their food so we went there instead.

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Immediately when you walk in your sinuses are assaulted by the strong smell of garlic. Which worried me at first because, although I love garlic like everyone else, I was worried that it was going to be too much. Kristen got the 40 clove chicken and I ate the garlic steak. Thankfully there were seasoned perfetly and definitely not over powering in garlic flavor.

Both were very tasty and worth the struggle of getting down to the restaurant. So after a long night of struggling to make something fun happen we concluded the night with a smile.

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