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Can you please contact us to let us know he got home safely? As Richard Sewell, the engineer brought Freddy down, he looked so grateful! Emma, 33, a carer from Amesbury, got Freddy last year. Emma said: "It's not unusual for Freddy to wander off for the night, so I hadn't been too concerned about him. We recently moved house and Freddy, who used to go visiting three of our neighbours for extra snacks, was most likely looking for some extra food. Freddy's predicament was very unusual and required a swift response. However, if your cat gets stuck while climbing, if the cat is not in danger and the weather is fair, the RSPCA recommends that you leave the animal to make its own way down.

A rescue attempt may frighten your pet, causing it to climb higher or even fall. The curious cat on a wire 3. See photos images. The curious cat on a wire Freddy got himself into a bit of a jam. The curious cat on a wire Freddy was up the pole for 18 hours. Please choose a screen name.

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New comments are only accepted for 3 days from the date of publication. Property News. Design Moment: Marcel Breuer dressing table, Sherry FitzGerald appoints Marian Finnegan as head of residential. Strong jump in house sales in Dublin's commuter belt.

Inexpensive Cat Toys

Look Inside. Subscriber Only. Housing crisis: What Ireland can learn from San Francisco. I want to tell my story. What could go wrong? Sign In. What Do Cats Need? Presenters provided information on a wide range of topics including cat nutrition, successful dog — cat interactions, handling aggressive cats, social organization and communication in the cat, compulsive grooming issues, understanding medications veterinarians prescribe and using humane handling and behavior therapy to reduce stress among cats in shelters.

In a nutshell, attendees learned about meeting the needs of your cats. Steve Dale, who delivered the keynote address reminded us that there are more cats in US households than dogs, yet their needs are often overlooked. More cats are given up to shelters than dogs, yet fewer are adopted from the shelters. The most often cited reason for giving up a cat is behavior issues including litter box issues and negative behavior between the cats in a household.

For a long time we humans have believed that cats are independent and non social. This is just not true. We need to learn to watch for the more subtle cues cats give off when they want to interact and just how they interact. When was the last time you took your cat to the vet? Feeling a little uncomfortable with that question?

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If you are among the very many cat owners who dread the thoughts of taking your cat to the vet, start thinking like a cat. Instead of only bringing out her carrier when you are going to the vet, leave it out and open so it becomes a part of her every day life. If your cat likes treats, toss a few in the carrier from time to time. If your cat is stimulated by catnip, place a catnip infused toy inside his carrier.

A trip to the vet will be much easier if you and your cat are not traumatized by the actions necessary to just get in the car. You might also want to consider using a veterinarian who specializes in the care of cats. All of these steps can ease the stress on you and your cat and go a long way in meeting the needs of your cats. Neither Billy nor I have ever lived with a cat, so admittedly we had a great deal to learn when we opened our pet sitting business. As we have cared for cats, I have grown increasingly fond of them and have learned a great deal about their needs.

It was time to expand my education and I thoroughly enjoyed doing so.

Electrical Injuries in Cats

We were all interested in learning as much as we can. The resolve to lose weight, get more organized, exercise more, get on a regular sleep schedule and so on. All those self improvement resolutions. Not so well you say. Exercise benefits all species. Walking your dog or cat too provides benefits for physical and mental health, reduces negative behavior and helps with sleep. You will both release endorphins, get your blood flowing, increase strength, burn calories and enhance your brain power. Our general health overall health is affected by our dental health.

Just as we need to brush our teeth regularly, out pets need good dental care too. It does take practice and patience to introduce teeth brushing, but you will be rewarded with a healthier pet. Never use human toothpaste, instead purchase toothpaste made for cats and dogs. When introducing teeth brushing to your pet, start slow. Put some pet toothpaste on your finger and allow your pet to lick it off. The next day put some pet toothpaste on a piece of gauze or pet toothbrush and allow your pet to lick the toothpaste. Continue with this until your pet appears eager to get a taste of toothpaste.

Be sure to go at a pace that is comfortable for your pet. The best exercise is to use our fingers to push back from the table.

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The same thing applies to our pets. In our connected, go go go world, relaxation and appreciation of nature become even more important. Take that break from the television, computer or smart phone and truly engage with your dog or cat. Taking a walk, brushing your pet, playing an active game of fetch or engaging your cat in mind games indoors will rejuvenate all of you. This is an ideal time to incorporate a few minutes of training into your daily routine with your pets. Just be sure to make it fun and positive.

We especially like clickers for the training activities. Be sure to laugh every day. We are especially blessed to be able to take care of lots of pets in our pet sitting business and have lots of opportunities for laughter in our daily work. As professional pet sitters, we scoop a LOT of kitty litter.

Recently we were introduced to a litter that we can rave over. We took care of three cats in a household that share one litter box.

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We made visits two times a day but were concerned about the potential odor. Not one bit. It was like magic in terms of sealing in the odor and not making a mess outside the box. We heartily recommend these products for cats.

The Shocking Story of Electric Fish

We sprayed this on our shoes and notebooks before entering the home of three cats who had a less than perfect introduction when the newest cat was brought in. We were tasked with keeping one cat in a separate room due to a history of cat fights. One day that cat managed to get out of her room, but lo and behold there were no fireworks.