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Sometimes things go bump in the night, but most of us never think anything of it. There are those among us who would think of living in a house inhabited by a ghost as too terrifying to even think of.

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What would you do if you found these creepers lurking in your home? In , a man in Kasuya, Japan, repeatedly reported to police that his home had been robbed. At his wits end, the man finally decided to install security cameras within his home to catch the repeat thief in the act. We all know that celebrities are no strangers to being stalked, but there are some people out there who take it even further than you can imagine.

One of them was a man named John M. Dubis, who regularly stalked singer Jennifer Lopez. He even posted some extremely strange pictures of his short time there to social media.

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He was later convicted of stalking, criminal contempt, and burglary. The craziest part, though? Despite the numerous security guards that were on the property, Dubis had been there for an entire week. In , a woman named Tracy who lived in Rock Hill, South Carolina, began to notice a few strange things happening around her home, mainly in the attic. She constantly heard noises coming from that area of the house and eventually noticed that nails were starting to fall out of the ceiling.

Call your insurance company to tell them about your short-term rental plans and check coverage before renting out your home, said Jeanne Salvatore, a spokesperson for the Insurance Information Institute, a US-based nonprofit. BBC Capital contacted several insurance companies for this story; all declined to comment.

Renting out a room for a longer period of time, could also impact your mortgage agreement in some countries, including the UK. Check local guidelines for short-term renting. Joanne Birtz, 55, who rents out a suite in her Montreal town house, first secured a tourist permit from the province of Quebec before listing it on Flipkey.

A Stranger in the House

An outdoor hot tub is available to visitors and guests receive a bottle of wine and chocolate. Birtz has been renting the suite for more than two years and said she earned more than if she rented out the room full-time. Birtz does her own cleaning and says it takes several hours to do a thorough job. Most of her guests are seasoned travellers and come well-prepared for exploring Montreal. Deciding who can rent out your home is a difficult one. Additionally, doing an online search for a name can bring up results such as a LinkedIn profile, Facebook page or other information about the renter.

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In addition to doing her homework online, Zuluaga recommends asking questions about who is coming and why the person is taking the trip. Food and kitchen supplies are essential, because many renters choose the option instead of a hotel room because of this amenity, said Eric Horndahl, vice president of marketing at FlipKey Boston.

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Antonio Lenarduzzi, 44, a mechanical engineer, rents out a room in a Sao Paolo, Brazil apartment he shares with his wife Ellen. The couple leave tropical fruit and cake out for guests, along with maps of the city. We allow the stranger to cheat, lie, demonstrate how to commit crimes and how to avoid, and beat, our judicial system. Without hesitation, the stranger mocks parents, belittles people of honor, makes fun of moral values, denies honorable beliefs, and scoffs at family and cultural traditions.

The stranger is powerful.

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  7. It has thousands of employees who further its causes and develop its sophistication. It is so powerful that if it stops performing, we will use any means to acquire a new one immediately -- usually bigger, better, louder, and more detailed and preferably with attachable appendages to assist the stranger in accomplishing its purpose. Recently some interested groups are advocating that the stranger should become a regular part of the daily curriculum in our schools.

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    It would be allowed to visit our children without censorship or a preview of its presentation or contents. It would also be allowed to advertise its supporters and special interests. Fortunately, the stranger is not entirely evil. Like any visitor, it has characteristics of value and interest. However, its behavior and influence on the lives of our children must be monitored.

    Parents must determine how much influence they want to turn over to the stranger when it is visiting. There's a stranger in your house. It's keeping our children from doing their homework. It's preventing parents and children from talking together. The stranger is coming between members of the family. It has become the center of our society. We might consider scheduling its visits, and determining what we will allow the stranger to discuss and demonstrates when it visits our family.

    Additional Articles. The findings back up previous research showing that television can shorten attention spans and support American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations that youngsters under age 2 not watch television. Other studies have shown it to be associated with obesity and aggressiveness" too, said lead author Dr. The study, appearing in the April issue of Pediatrics, focused on two groups of children - aged 1 and 3 - and suggested that TV might overstimulate and permanently "rewire" the developing brain.

    The study involved 1, children who participated in government-sponsored national health surveys.

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    Their parents were questioned about the children's TV viewing habits and rated their behavior at age 7 on a scale similar to measures used in diagnosing attention deficit disorders. The researchers lacked data on whether the youngsters were diagnosed with attention deficit disorders but the number of children whose parents rated them as having attention problems - 10 percent - is similar to the prevalence in the general population, Christakis said.

    Problems included difficulty concentrating, acting restless and impulsive, and being easily confused. About 36 percent of the 1-year-olds watched no TV, while 37 percent watched one to two hours daily and had a 10 percent to 20 percent increased risk of attention problems. Fourteen percent watched three to four hours daily and had a 30 percent to 40 percent increased risk compared with children who watched no TV. The remainder watched at least five hours daily. Among 3-year-olds, only 7 percent watched no TV, 44 percent watched one to two hours daily, 27 percent watched three to four hours daily, almost 11 percent watched five to six hours daily, and about 10 percent watched seven or more hours daily.

    In a Pediatrics editorial, educational psychologist Jane Healy said the study "is important and long overdue" but needs to be followed up to confirm and better explain the mechanisms that may be involved. The researchers didn't know what shows the children watched, but Christakis said content likely isn't the culprit.

    Instead, he said, unrealistically fast-paced visual images typical of most TV programming may alter normal brain development. It's really being wired" during that time, Christakis said. Overstimulation during this critical period "can create habits of the mind that are ultimately deleterious," Christakis said. If this theory holds true, the brain changes likely are permanent, but children with attention problems can be taught to compensate, he said. The researchers considered factors other than TV that might have made some children prone to attention problems, including their home environment and mothers' mental states.

    The American Academy of Pediatrics said in that children under the age of 2 should not watch television because of concerns it affects early brain growth and the development of social, emotional and cognitive skills. Jennifer Kotler, assistant director for research at Sesame Workshop, which produces educational children's television programs including "Sesame Street," questioned whether the results in the April Pediatrics would apply to educational programming.