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Victory Worship - Grace Changes Everything Lyrics

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Grace Changes Everything by Victory Worship feat. Lee Brown [Official Music Video]

Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Trade Paperback. Paperback Spanish. With insight gleaned from his own life, Pastor Chuck Smith explores the mystery of grace and reveals a surprising truth--we can never grow in grace by our own efforts.

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It must flow from the Father through the love of Jesus Christ. Knowing the love of Christ for you is the greatest source of security you'll ever know. Experiencing his love and grace can carry you through any trial life throws at you, and that makes all the difference. Related Products.

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Your grace to them can break down barriers of belief, doors of distrust, and walls of wondering. Have you ever met someone at one point in your life who loved to party, smoke, curse, and do whatever else felt good to do?

Grace Changes Everything book

In fact, they talk like one of those do-gooder Christians…because they, in fact, became one. Have you ever met someone like that? I have.

As a matter of fact, many someones like that. The key to being changed forever is hearing about the saving grace of Jesus and wanting it. You need to know you need to change.

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There was a guy named Saul, who lived about years ago. And he was wholeheartedly dedicated to his Jewish faith. So much so that he was seeking out the new Christian religion of that time and persecuting anyone who would dare say Jesus was their Messiah. By persecuting, I mean even killing them.

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He believed what they were doing was blasphemy…a crime and sin punishable by death. Can you imagine meeting someone, face to face, when you just knew that person had already been killed? Jesus changed him forever. Even changed his name to Paul.

“Grace Changes Everything” & Loving People Deeper | Shepherd's House Ministries

And when he first started teaching about the Christian faith, people talked about how he had been that guy persecuting them and now he was preaching to them. Paul was changed forever, and he wanted everyone to know how they could be, too. I want you to know how grace can change you forever, too. But you gotta be willing to listen. And you gotta want to be changed forever.